Trinity Lutheran Ministries Prayer

BeaconIn the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Father thank you for the many opportunities we have as your children. You have given to us more than our daily bred, let us recognize this more everyday, and make us more thankful. As a member of your church, I am a member of the body of your Son, Jesus Chris. Make him the Lord of my life, that by faith in him worked by the power of your Holy Spriit I may fear, love and trus in you above all things.

Hear me as I pray on behalf of your local congregation through wich you daily and richley supply all of my spiritual needs. Be with us as we seek to have our lives transformed, as well as the lives of those in the communities in which we live. Cultivate from the communion of your church fruits which nourish us daily, and works which reach the pre-Christians who have yet to know the splendor of your majesty.

Be with our ECDC workers that their love of children would only be surpassed by their love for you. We pray that they continually exude joy and patience that by loving the children trusted to their care, they may love them and the parents into shape for Jesus. Keep them free from error in their precious work, and give them joy in serving you and the families of our ECDC.

Be with the teachers and staff of our school that they be full of knowledge and wisdom.  Give them dedication to their craft that the formation of their students would be obvious, the progress noticeable, and the value of Christian education would expand through our students and members in the community which desperately needs it.

Be with our support staff at both locations, both those paid and those who volunteer their time. We pray that they would find joy in their service, that they would be equipped and motivated to serve their vocations faithfully. Give them the peace which comes from knowing that they are an integral part of our portion of the body of Christ. 

Be with our pastors as they lead us. Give them the Spirit of boldness to proclaim your Word, the dedication to their calling to hear your voice, and the confidence and conviction of the gospel to truly be about making us a new people as you have called us to be in baptism.

Be with the spouses and families of those who serve us. May we learn to respect them, their time, and their needs.  Show us how to serve those who serve us, and especially how to care for those who they love. Forgive us when we overstep our bounds, and lead us to be the people that your call us to be as we follow you together.

Finally Lord, we humbly ask that You would enable us to trust you and follow your lead in every avenue of our ministry - our church and our Educational Center. Father, you grant the daily bread, and you are our help and stay. Give us holy discontentment for those who do not yet know you, show us how to love people into your family, and establish us as you have planned. We thank you for Trinity Lutheran Ministries, and ask that you fulfill your promise to never leave us nor forsake us.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.


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