School Safety


Safety Drill reports, 2017-2018 school year

- Fire Drill 10/9/17 @ 2:45 p.m. with 150 participants, evacuation time was 1 min. 39 seconds. Drill was conducted by Lisa Singleton, Principal and Ronda Gillett, Asst. Child Care Director.

- Fire Drill 10/3/17 @ 12:10 p.m.  with 145 participants, evacuation time was 1 min. 55 sec. Drill was conducted by Principal Lisa Singleton and Asst. Childcare Director Ronda Gillett.

- Lock Down Drill 9/29/17 @ 9:30 a.m. 145 participants, taking 1 min and 50 sec. Drill was conducted by Principal Lisa Singleton and Asst. Childcare Director Ronda Gillett.

- Fire Drill 9/20/17 @ 9:00 a.m. with 146 total participants, evacuation time 1 min, 56 sec.

- Tornado Drill 9/22/17 @ 2:45 p.m. with 145 total participants, evacuation time 1 min, 45 sec.

Tornados and Severe Weather

When the U.S. Weather Bureau announces a tornado “watch” (conditions make it possible), teachers will be notified and all classes will be required to stay inside the building. When a “warning” is announced, (a tornado has been sighted), all classes will be brought into the central hallway and kept there until the warning has expired. During “watches,” school will be dismissed at the regular time; parents may pick up their children early if they desire. In the case of a “warning,” parents or other authorized adults need to come into the building to escort their children out.

Emergency Drills

As required by Michigan regulations, Trinity conducts periodic school-wide practice drills for responding to fire, tornado warnings or watches, threats external to the building, and threatening individuals within the building. Public safety agencies are informed of these drills and occasionally participate as observers or advisors. Reports of all completed drills are available to view on our school website. (See above)

Lockdown Procedures

School lockdowns may occur because of a danger that is outside of the building (for example, a coyote seen running in the area) or one that is inside the building (an armed individual making threats inside the school.) Our lockdown procedures vary, depending on the type and location of the threat. For security purposes, details about those procedures will not be made public, but parents may be assured that the staff is well-trained and the students are well-prepared to respond.


  • Please remain calm as school and local authorities manage the situation.
  • Please do not call the school, teachers, or your children during a lockdown. To the extent possible, information will be shared via our automatic “texting” service.
  • During a lockdown, children will NOT be allowed to leave, even if a parent comes to the school grounds, until recommended by the appropriate authorities.
  • Parents may be required to present identification.
  • If the school property is evacuated, an offsite meeting place for parents, students and staff will be determined and announced in consultation with public safety officers.

Lockdown practice drills are conducted periodically to ensure staff and student readiness. During these short drills, parents may be denied entry into the building. Thank you for your understanding!

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

In support of Trinity’s Purpose to be a “safe and respectful place,” policies and practices designed to protect children from sexual abuse are taken seriously. Any reasonable suspicion of abuse will be reported immediately to Child Protective Services by the staff person who first becomes aware of the suspicion. That staff member must then also report it in writing to the principal or early childhood director.

Criminal background checks are completed for all volunteers and staff members. Anyone with a record or pending charges of a “listed” offense may not participate in school activities placing them in direct contact with children.

Each classroom and office has a window in the door, which must be kept uncovered with a clear view into the room.

Staff and volunteers are not permitted to be alone with a child in an unobserved location.

Student use of the Internet and technologies are strictly regulated and closely monitored.

Background Checks of all Volunteers and Employees

In order to offer the highest level of protection for our students, families, and staff, and in response to regulations regarding school safety, the following procedures will be required:

  • An online criminal background check (iChat) will be conducted on all adults whose volunteer activities may put them into unsupervised contact with children.
    • This includes, but may not be limited to, field trip drivers, extra-curricular coaches, library volunteers.
    • Checks will be conducted shortly before the time of the first involvement of the school year.
    • Only the principal and the early childhood director will be authorized to conduct the searches. S/he will ensure the confidentiality of all records by (1) printing results on private, secure printers within her/his office, (2) keeping no electronic copies of records, (3) ensuring that printed reports are kept secure in a designated, locked file cabinet in his/her office, and (4) ensuring that printed reports are shredded in a timely manner.
    • Results may be used for no longer than 12 months, at which time they will be shredded.
  • All school employees who have interaction with students undergo a digital fingerprint check through the Michigan State Police. (As stipulated by State of Michigan regulations, child care employees—other than the director—may be vetted by iChat rather than fingerprinting.)
  • Adults found to have a “listed” felony conviction or pending charges will not be allowed to participate as a volunteer in any capacity having contact with students. Adults found to have other felony convictions or pending charges will not be allowed to work with children except—with written permission of the principal or early childhood director—under the direct observation and supervision of a school employee.
  • Adults found to have any one of the following will not be allowed to drive students other than their own children or legal wards on any school-related activity:
    • Guilty of more than two speeding tickets in excess of ten miles per hour over the speed limit or other moving violations within the previous three years
    • Convicted of driving with a suspended license, hit-and-run driving, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, or negligent driving of a serious nature 
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