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File Anti-Bullying Policy
Trinity Lutheran School Anti-Bullying Policy
03/05/13 1:06 pm37.94 KB
File Class Preparation - Homework Policy
Class Preparation & Homework Policy
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File DressCode20172018.pdf02/16/17 10:55 pm38.88 KB
File Parent Handbook 2017_18.pdf02/16/17 10:21 pm1.74 MB
File ParkingLotFlowPattern.pdf
Parking Lot Flow Pattern, TLS, Trinity Lutheran School, Christian Education, Christian School, Private School, Parochial School, Forms
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File PermissionForm_ConcussionInfo2017.pdf02/14/17 12:22 pm185.89 KB
File PestControlPolicy.pdf07/08/13 11:18 pm83.87 KB
File TECHNOLOGY_USE_AGREEMENT.doc07/08/13 11:21 pm31 KB
File TLS_Calendar20172018pdf.pdf07/27/17 4:12 pm66.98 KB
File Trinity Wellness Policy
Trinity Wellness Policy
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                  Sun. 8:00am (Traditional) 10:30am (Modern) 
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  Infants through 8th Grade
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